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March 6, 2020BY StepWise Immigration


Eligibility for the Express Entry is based on a 67-points scale, assessed on the basis of age, education, experience and language ability.

The candidate loses 5 points every year beyond 30 years.


The candidate needs to take the approved language tests in English or French and score the points as required by their program. The language levels are evaluated byCanadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) for English and by Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadien (NCLC) for French. The results are valid for 2 years.

A score of 6 is required in each aspect to be eligible, however 8777 (LRWS) is very famous as the ‘magic score’, that makes it easier for the candidate to qualify.

3. Education credential assessment report (ECA):              

It is the provision of a Canadian equivalent degree assessment of the candidate’s native country education. It is done by multiple organisations.

After providing for the above two, you become eligible to enter in to the Express Entry pool. The next step is to punch in your basic credentials like age, education, qualification, experience, language test score, your ECA. The system then automatically evaluates the score via the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and gives you a rank.


As a part of the immigration procedure, it is necessary to show a balance of sufficient funds in your bank account at the time of applying for PR. If you don’t have sufficient funds at the time of applying, start saving up gradually.

5.Create a profile:

After receiving the score for the language test and getting an ECA done, you have to create a profile for the Express Entry. You will receive an Invitation to Apply within a day or two if your CRS clears the cut-off.


Submit your documents, along with all the proofs within 60 days of receiving an ITA. The documents include

a) Passport or travel document

 b) Provincial nomination (optional)

c) Written job offer from an employer in Canada (optional)

d) Police certificates

e) Medical exams

f) Proof of funds

g) IELTS report

 h) ECA+ Educational documents

7. Application submission:

This is the final stage where you need to make the payments.

a) INR 26,250 – Application Processing fee: CAD 550 per person

 b) INR 23,400 – Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF): CAD 490 per person ~ (Note: this can

            also be paid when you are landing in Canada)

c) INR 7160 – Dependent Child: CAD 150 per child

  d) INR 4500 – per person biometrics fee or INR 9200 for entire family

You will receive a receipt after making the payments and then you’ll have to submit your respective biometrics within 30 days. After this is done, the IRCC will send you a mail requesting your passport and you need to visit the nearest VFS Global Center and wait for the visa stamping.

You are required to enter the country before your immigration visa expires.